Beaver Sunblock Lotion

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This unique formula is very concentrated. Unlike the hand-cream looking sun protection products (which may contain 60-80% water), Beaver-43 contains NO WATER. Thus much less can be used and you will still get full protection. Cool weather note: This formula is designed to spread at skin temperature; keep in inside pocket during cold weather activities.

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 As it says on every tube- What BEAVER43 doesn’t do is as important as what it does do.
In particular BEAVER43 will:

• Give you full UV-A and UV-B protection
• stay on all day (even in salt water)
• provide SPF of 30+
• be easily removed with soap & water

       But it won’t:

• sweat off
• sting your eyes or taste bad on your lips
• leave a greasy film on skin or equipment
• clog pores

      And it’s PABA free.


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