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Introduced to scuba Summer 1969. Dived off and on until 1981 with friends renting for me or loaning me equipment…then PADI OWD certification and have never stopped since. NAUI Instructor 9733, SSI Instructor 24440, PADI Instructor 286859. Divemaster & AI. Public safety Diver Rescue International certified diver, former SAR Instructor. Nitrox blender, Platinum PRO diver with approx. 13,000 logged dives. Owner/operator/Water World Scuba & Travel Founded Jan. 12, 1987…Dive Shack Sports Center, LLC founded Nov. 5, 2009, Dive Shack USA founded Nov. 2010. 27 years in operation retailing scuba, teaching scuba & offering dive travel.
Jerry Portwood +Instructor+PADI+SSI+NAUI


John Crosser +PADI+IDC+Staff Instructor

Arthur Kearns

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Dive professional at Dive Shack USA, Diveboard Regional Manager (USA), Owner~B A Divers USA (Costa Rica dive adventure vacations) who collects and dives “antique,” equipment. I love everything about diving and teaching. There is an art to snorkeling,freediving,and scuba. A good scuba diver should know their way around all the swimming arts, practicing at perfecting each. I enjoy photography, spearfishing, and eco-dives. Taking pride in my profession and having a knowledge of the ecosystems I dive in. To only immerse one’s self in the water is to miss out on the wonders of nature that surrounds you when you dive. Not only recognizing species in the area, but having an understanding of the key roles they play in that system has always been my goal.
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Sharon Carico

Sharon (Susie) Carico +AI/DM/DIVE CON+PADI+DM (Pending)


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